Micro LED / Micro Optics

Miniaturized optical components such as µLED are used in many areas, just think of medical technologies (brain implants, virtual retina displays), consumer electronics (smart watches, cellphone displays, pico beamers), and also automotive, avionics or defense.

A single µLED can be as small as 30 µm and often have sophisticated structures or shapes. And not only are the components tiny and fragile, additional challenges are presented with very thin Die Attach Foils (DAF) or solder preforms used to connect the assemblies.

Once the number of µLED in a product surpasses a critical amount, economic considerations require that the components are handled simultaneously in the form of µLED arrays instead of placing and bonding them one after the other. Also, this allows using µLED with even smaller dimensions which could no longer be handled safely as single components.

The Finetech Solution

The Finetech Solution

  • Overlay image of tool (with 30 µm vacuum opening) and 100 µm chip
  • Various high-resolution optics for sub-micron placement
  • High-sensitivity vacuum detection for safe handling of ultra-small components
  • Active and passive parallelism control
  • Customized tooling to enable versatile handling techniques
  • Various illumination options
  • Wide spectrum of bonding technologies, incl. laser-assisted bonding

Recommended FINEPLACER® System

  • FINEPLACER® lambda
    Flexible Sub-micron Die Bonder

The FINEPLACER® lambda specializes on particularly small and fragile opto-electronics and photonics applications. Including safe handling, a broad and flexible spectrum of bonding technologies and a powerful vision alignment system bordering on making visible the invisible. Because you can only align what you can see.


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