VCSEL & Photo Diode

Densely packed multiplex transmitters, receivers and combined devices are cornerstones of new photonic applications to achieve highest data rates. Bonding these components demands high-accuracy alignment in combination with specific bonding technologies.

Finetech's semi and fully-automated FINEPLACER® systems offer complete solutions with highly reproducible precision for VCSELs and photo diodes. One system can perform the complete assembly:

  • Pick up components from various presentations (ie: GelPak®)
  • Dip components into glue or dispense glue on programmed positions
  • Automated alignment and bonding of various components
  • Easy-to-adapt library system for fast process development
  • Integrated measurement functions to observe bonding results
  • VCSEL and photo diode bonding glue dip
    Glue dipping
  • bonding of dipped VCSEL component
    Bonding of dipped component

What are the Challenges?

  • Gentle handling of small components and fragile materials
  • Bonding optically active structures face up or flipped
  • From single emitters to 12x arrays
  • No-touch zones
  • Delicate topology of LD and PD surfaces
  • Position referencing chip-to-substrate or chip-to-chip
  • Apply adhesives of small and reproducible volumes
  • Embedded thermal or UV curing
  • Bonding of glue-dipped components
  • Align and bond optical lenses

The Finetech Solution

Up to 0.5 µm Bonding Accuracy + Passive Optical Alignment

  • VCSEL bond alignment
    Relative alignment
  • VCSEL and photo diode alignment
    VCSEL and Photo Diode alignment

Active alignment, normally needed in such an application, can be simplified or even avoided by using high accurate optical alignment and placement.

Bonded emitter arrays can be perfectly aligned relative to photodiode arrays to directly match defined parallel links. Lens arrays can additionally be mounted to complete a fiber optic interface.

Extended Field of View + High Magnification

  • VCSEL and photo diode alignment field of view
    Extended field of view (left)
  • Extended field of view (right)

Small structures to be recognized require high optical magnifications. Usually, this results in a small field of view, restraining the flexibility of a PR system.

With its fast and high precision optics movement, the FINEPLACER® enlarges its field of view without compromising accuracy.

Thus, large components and substrates can be captured and observed with the same quality as tiny ones. For VCSEL and PD arrays with dimensions of 200 µm x 3000 µm and more but active structures below 5 µm this benefit can be important.

FINEPLACER® Bonding Systems

  • FINEPLACER® femto
    Automated Prototype2Production Bonder
  • FINEPLACER® matrix ma
    Semi-automated die bonder
  • FINEPLACER® lambda
    Flexible sub-micron die bonder
  • FINEPLACER® pico ma
    Multi-purpose die bonder

Due to the modular design approach, FINEPLACER® bonding systems can be configured for virtually any application challenge.

The main distinguishing features between the machines are the

  • degree of automation
  • optical resolution and
  • placement accuracy

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