Automated Prototype2Production Bonder

The FINEPLACER® femto 2 is a fully-automated die bonder with a placement accuracy of 0.5 µm @ 3 sigma. A complete machine enclosure allows very demanding applications in a controlled environment. Fully protected from external influences, the system stands for highly stable assembly processes with the focus on maximum yield.

The new generation of the femto platform adds numerous innovations to the proven technical basis. This includes the cutting-edge FPXvisionTM. Combined with a refined pattern recognition, this all-new Vision Alignment System opens up a new dimension of application flexibility and accuracy. IPM Command, the fully revamped FINEPLACER® operating software, supports a consistent, ergonomic and clearly structured process development.

Depending on the requirements, the modular FINEPLACER® femto 2 can be individually configured and retrofitted at any time to support new applications and technologies. This makes the system a perfect tool and reliable companion as applications migrate from product development to production. It covers the entire workflow of inspection, characterization, packaging, final test and qualification in semiconductor, communications, medical and sensor technologies.

  • Die-Bonder FINEPLACER® femto 2


    • Placement accuracy 0.5 µm @ 3 sigma
    • Fully-automated operation
    • Manual operating routines available
    • Controlled process environment with cleanroom quality
    • Operator protection from emissions (lasers, UV sources, gasses)
    • Full process access and quick process setup
    • FPXvisionTM: maximum resolution across large field of view
    • Ergonomic operating concept with touch screen interface
    • Modular design allows individual configurations



    • Precise die bonding (face up)
    • Flip chip bonding (face down)
    • Laser diode, laser bar bonding
    • VCSEL, photo diode assembly
    • LED bonding
    • Micro optics assembly
    • MEMS packaging
    • Sensor packaging, Bump Bonding
    • 3D packaging
    • Wafer level packaging (W2W, C2W)
    • Chip on glass, chip on flex
    • Copper pillar bonding
    • Active alignment bonding


    * depending on configuration/application
    1 other values on request and depending on configuration
    2 optional module