Diffusion Bonding

During Solid Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding, a low-fusing solder layer between two high-fusing metals is heated to its melting temperature. This generates an inter-metallic compound based on a subsequent diffusion process with a melting point higher than the melting point of the low-fusing solder. This technology is also known as Transient Liquid Phase Bonding (TLPB), and has its benefits especially in Cu-Sn systems. Due to the increased melting temperature of the connection, diffusion bonding is used for high temperature applications as well as chip stacking, multi-chip assembly or 3D integration.

Another method is Direct Cu-Cu Bonding with no AgSn as intermediate layer. Using high force and long temperature cycles, the copper layers are directly connected. Here, the full potential of copper can be exploited – no differing coefficients of thermal expansion, uncompromised thermal and electrical conductivity and no mechanical stability issues.

The Finetech Solution

The Finetech Solution

  • Flexible integration of diffusion technologies
  • All process steps in one system
  • High force bonding up to 1000 N for large chips with high bump count
  • Superior optical resolution across large fields of view for high accuracy
  • Process gas integration
  • Chip/substrate high temperature heating
  • Special tooling with parallelism adjustment

Recommended FINEPLACER® Systems

  • FINEPLACER® pico ma
    Multi-purpose die bonder
  • FINEPLACER® sigma
    Semi-automated sub-micron bonder
  • FINEPLACER® femto 2
    Automated sub-micron die bonder

FINEPLACER® pico ma - our most cost effective bonder designed for prototyping, low-volume production and R&D.

FINEPLACER® sigma - a semi-automatic bonding system providing sub-micron accuracy, high force bonding up to 1000 N and 300 mm wafer support.

FINEPLACER® femto 2 - fully automated Prototype2Production die bonder with a placement accuracy of 0.5 µm @ 3 Sigma.

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