Sub-micron Opto Bonder

    Outstanding optical resolution and instant operation

  • FINEPLACER femto 2

    Automatic Sub-micron Bonder

    for ultra precision flip chip and die attach

Rework of Micro LED Components

Finetech rework systems for R&D and production environments are capable of reworking smallest LED devices. A typical use case is reworking LED triplets (RGB) on modern displays. The Finetech rework cycle includes all required process steps, including de-soldering of the defect LED triplets and removal from the array, residual solder removal, applying new solder paste as well as the placement and soldering of the replacement LED triplets.

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Product Highlights

Photonic and optoelectronic device applications demand the highest optical resolution to achieve strict placement accuracy requirements.  Our sub-micron accuracy bonders provide superior optics and process flexibility to handle optical sub-assemblies, laser diodes, VCSELs, Si photonics, LEDs, laser bars, sensors and detectors.

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Bonding Blog

Finetech has been a leader in SMT Rework and Repair equipment since the company was founded more than 25 years ago. You know what’s crazy?

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