• Accuracy Meets Automation

  • The Femto Bonder

    Automated sub-micron bonder with precise placement.

  • Manual Override

    Automated die bonder with simple single-part prototyping

  • Yield!

    It's not how many you make,
    it's how many work!

  • All-In-One System

    Different technologies. Same machine.
    Modularity for R&D bonding.

  • Built for You

    Systems that focus on your specs, your goals!

  • Collaborate with Us

    You have the idea. We have the technology.
    Together we have the solution!

Sub-Micron Equipment for Advanced Technologies

BONDERS for high accuracy, advanced packaging and micro assembly of photonic devices, flip chip, C2W, copper pillar, sensors, MEMs ... learn more

REWORK systems with proven thermal management for today's challenging applications: stacked die, QFN, flip chip, small passives, reballing ... learn more

COLLABORATE with our engineers on your unique bonding and assembly needs, and we’ll deliver the ideal equipment solution built for you ... learn more

Product Highlights

rework station touch screen

The FINEPLACER® coreplus meets the needs of single system / high-mix rework,
or multiple system production environments where process portability and reproducibility is crucial.  Precise temperature and gas flow control of convection top and bottom heating. Non-contact site cleaning allows braid-free board preparation. See this system in our booth Feb. 24-26 at IPC/APEX (San Diego, CA).

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Bonding Blog

Bonding area detectors and sensor devices is a challenge with many process variables...

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