Sub-micron Opto Bonder

    Outstanding optical resolution and instant operation

  • FINEPLACER femto 2

    Automatic Sub-micron Bonder

    for ultra precision flip chip and die attach


Precision die bonding under vacuum offers many advantages and allows processes otherwise unattainable at atmospheric pressure. Under vacuum, hermetic sealing is taken to the next level, void density is significantly reduced, and materials and processes can be studied in a near oxygen-free environment. Advantageous for materials prone to oxidation or applications requiring extra reliable and stable connections.

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Product Highlights

Chip-on-flex rework involves a material handling issue – supporting the flex circuit requires alternate vacuum clamping systems and the use of conductive, rather than convective, lower heating.  Finetech’s rework systems offer a vacuum actuated substrate holder for 100% planar and safe fixation of flex materials, as well as very accurate thermal management.  Thermal profiles reflect the lower substrate thermal mass as compared to a PCB...

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Bonding Blog

One of the best things about working at Finetech is we get to see some really incredible...

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