• Sub-Micron Accuracy

    Sub-Micron Accuracy

    2.5D / 3D IC packaging and Multi-Chip Modules

  • 300 mm Wafer Capability

    300 mm Wafer Capability

    High-precision wafer level bonding

  • 1000 N High Force Bonding

    1000 N High Force Bonding

    High I/O count, ACF and sintering applications

  • FPXVision™ Alignment Optics

    FPXvision™ Alignment Optics

    Always maximum resolution and alignment assistance


Precision die bonding under vacuum offers many advantages and allows processes otherwise unattainable at atmospheric pressure. Under vacuum, hermetic sealing is taken to the next level, void density is significantly reduced, and materials and processes can be studied in a near oxygen-free environment. Advantageous for materials prone to oxidation or applications requiring extra reliable and stable connections.

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Product Highlights

core plus rework station

The FINEPLACER® coreplus meets the needs of single system / high-mix rework,
or multiple system production environments where process portability and reproducibility are crucial.  The complete rework cycle is handled in one efficient design using precise temperature and gas flow control of convection top and bottom heating.  Non-contact site cleaning allows braid-free board preparation. 

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Bonding Blog

Increasingly, we are asked about die bonding to flexible printed circuits by medical companies or bio medical researchers exploring...

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