Focal Plane Arrays / IR Sensor Assembly

A Focal Plane Array (FPA) is a sensor with a a two-dimensional detector pixel matrix, i.e. for infra-red light or X-rays, positioned in the focal plane of an optical system. FPA can be found in thermal cameras, astronomical instruments, inspection systems, medical imaging devices, bolometers, weapon guidance systems and other kinds of measuring units used to visualize phenomenons in various spectral ranges of electromagnetic waves. Read more

Product Highlights

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The FINEPLACER® Lambda is the ideal choice for low volume production, prototyping, and R&D environments where process flexibility is the key.  Used for
high accuracy die attach and component placement, this system handles a wide range of applications including optical components, sensors, laser bars,
VCSELs, photo diodes, etc.

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Bonding Blog

The precision required for assembly of medical electronics requires placement accuracy, process flexibility and ...

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