As automobiles become increasingly connected, they include systems for safety, comfort, electronic power steering, lighting, powertrain, infotainment, navigation, energy efficiency, digital displays, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).  The electronics in this competitive industry are becoming progressively complex with higher functionality on smaller and smaller devices.  This creates unique packaging challenges based on “under the hood” demands for durability in harsh and high temperature (grade zero) environments. Or reliability issues due to a mismatch in the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) between a silicon chip and another structure it is bonded to. 

Finetech’s automotive customers are involved in all facets of R&D, prototyping and automated die attach, as well as complicated device rework.  We offer silver sintering capability - a favorable high force die-attach technology for power devices with good electrical and thermal properties, and a low bonding temperature (i.e. 220 °C).  Our rework systems provide the most advanced capabilities on the market for leading-edge, high-density applications.

A few application examples:

•    High power electronics (IGBT modules)
•    Glass-based packaging (temp stability)
•    Sensors and actuators
•    Microcontrollers (MCUs)
•    CMOS Image sensors
•    Wireless, RF and MM-wave
•    System in Package (SiP)
•    Copper pillar technologies

Customer Applications

Customer Application - Rework

As part of a development project for rear view mirror sensors, our automotive customer needed electronic components removed for fault analysis (probe testing).  The application was especially challenging due to the underfill. 

The process using Finetech equipment:

  • Prepare for the separation of targeted part (without disturbing neighboring components at 150 micron distance ) and create space for pick up tool access, already preheat supported
  • Thermal profile with pickup procedure for liquefying the solder and dewetting the underfill material
  • Use site dressing tool and temperature profile to remove residual solder from PCB while also removing remaining underfill
  • Recover components with site dressing, using special frame or flexible support frame
  • Reball components for reuse or analyzing (ball size down to 150 micron)

Finetech was the only supplier able to accomplish the task, using our standard equipment and tooling for underfill rework.

Customer Application - Bonding

Our automotive products customer was looking to change from a mechanical socket (with reflow ) to a flex circuit with an anisotropic film (ACF) connection.  Finetech provided in-depth application support which included (1) material recommendation and selection for development testing and (2) development of customized tooling to support all connection elements.

The process using Finetech equipment:

  • Use the Finetech bonder heating plate and heat spreader to preheat and mechanically support the substrate after the SMD assembly process
  • Present the ACF material in non-heated area
  • Pre-bond the ACF to printed circuit board
  • Pickup and align device with flex connection
  • Bond with heat and force profile to the final substrate

As a result, Finetech was able to present a development solution with the capability to transfer the process to a production machine, with high flexibility and quick changeover.

Recommended Equipment

  • FINEPLACER® pico rs
  • FINEPLACER® lambda

For automotive rework applications, check out our FINEPLACER® pico rs.  With exceptional thermal management capabilities, this system handles small passive devices up to large BGA on small to medium sized PCBs.

For bonding applications, our FINEPLACER® lambda system shines in it's ability to place and bond accurately -- providing the reliable results required in this market.