Military / Aerospace

Aerospace, military, and security applications deal with high-reliability electronics and high performance components and assemblies.  Rugged electronics must operate in harsh conditions involving extremes in temperature, shock, vibration, moisture, dust, and dirt.  These engineering challenges demand the strictest quality and reliability over a long life and die attach or rework must be done with utmost precision.  

Finetech die bonders address the challenges inherent with military specifications by providing high accuracy solutions for SWaP package requirements (size, weight and power). Our systems can handle extremely thin or small die, provide hermetic bonding in vacuum, and perform AuSn soldering for demanding, high reliability applications.

Our rework stations accommodate all types of rework applications for legacy products and high density interconnect environments, ensuring highest quality repairs.

Military and Aerospace Electronics

  • Visible-light cameras
  • Infrared sensors
  • Flexible displays
  • Thermal imaging devices
  • Power electronics
  • Optical transceivers
  • LIDAR remote sensing technologies
  • RF components for radar, communications, navigation

Customer Application

"Finetech's team of engineers have assisted Ultra Communications with some extremely complex optoelectronic applications designed for one of the most stringent environments - outer space. These applications required better than 1 micron post bond accuracy with multiple process steps and many variables. Their willingness to collaborate over many years has proven their dedication to customer support. We value our partnership with Finetech."

Dick P., Ultra Communications

Recommended Equipment

  • FINEPLACER® pico rs
  • FINEPLACER® lambda

For military / aerospace rework applications, check out our FINEPLACER® pico rs.  With exceptional thermal management capabilities, this system handles small passive devices up to large BGA on small to medium sized PCBs.

For bonding applications, our FINEPLACER® lambda system shines in it's ability to place and bond accurately -- providing the reliable results required in this market.