Photonics / Optoelectronics

Bonding and assembly of delicate photonic and optoelectronic devices require the highest placement accuracy, a direct result of optical resolution.  Whether the device is for telecommunications, short term data transfer or other methods of moving photons across fiber, if it isn’t assembled with precision, signal loss problems will result.

A typical challenge involves the complexity of bonding a VCSEL and photo diode to achieve very tight alignment tolerances. The key is being able to resolve the aperture of the VCSEL/PD. If it can’t be resolved, how can it be aligned accurately?  In some applications, such as single emitter to fiber, active alignment is the key. Another example is laser bar or power laser bonding, where having a void-free bond line for Au/Sn or Indium solder is critical to the performance and life cycle of the device. 

Finetech’s systems have the optical resolution and force capabilities to bond these devices successfully. Over the past 25 years, we have helped customers develop some of the most advanced photonic packaging solutions, using our unrivaled, sub-micron placement accuracy.  Photo 1 below shows how much detail can be seen with Finetech's optics, versus photo 2 which is typical of other bonders.

A few application examples:



Customer Application

Some of the most challenging applications we see are in the opto-electronic market.  For instance, a potential customer visited our lab with the goal of bonding four lasers onto a single substrate and with precise relation to one another.  Undeniably a very tough project -- to relatively bond four devices using Au/Sn solder and with an accuracy of < 1 micron.  Our visitor was pleasantly surprised to learn this wasn’t the first time we had seen this application.  By way of explaining the process intricacies and successfully bonding their devices, we were able to clearly demonstrate our equipment capabilities.

Recommended Equipment

  • FINEPLACER® lambda

For delicate photonics and opto applications, our FINEPLACER® lambda excels in placement accuracy and process and application flexibility.

A new interchangeable object lens allows easy switching between different fields of view and resolutions, depending on the application requirements. The new A7+ lens option has a resolution of 0.7 µm to succeed in aligning particularly fine structures.