R&D / Universities

R&D in a technology company is the foundation for its success. At the university level, microelectronics R&D covers a world of applications and devices.  The common equipment needs of researchers are high accuracy, quick setup/changeover, minimal programming, flexibility and modularity for device and process changes.  In addition, the machine should be very easy to operate and maintain. 

But the physical technology is not enough.  Research engineers want a supplier that can also offer process application expertise and a pathway to production. That's where we excel, specializing in placement and bonding equipment for R&D, prototype and low volume production. With accuracy down to 0.5 microns, our machines provide leading capabilities and easily upgradeable configurations matching your changing technology needs.

Ready for any R&D application

Our many machine capabilities include:

  • Controlled force to 1000N
  • Inert Atmosphere
  • Formic Acid
  • Bonding in vacuum
  • Rapid substrate and die heating
  • Small and large die handling

Customer application

The Nanofabrication Facility at University of California (Santa Barbara) chose the FINEPLACER lambda for its Nanofabrication facility.  To equip a multi-user environment handling hundreds of active projects each year, a machine with ultimate flexibility and ease of training and use was required. Additionally. nanotechnology and leading-edge optoelectronics demand some of the tightest bonding tolerances possible.  The lambda sub-micron bonder gives UCSB the capabilities to pursue today’s toughest assembly and packaging challenges.

"We work with Finetech engineers on a regular basis in order to be prepared for any type of application that comes through our lab doors.  Having one bonder configured for versatility allows us to accommodate many new and pioneering applications, keeping our customers happy.”

Tony B., Equipment/Facility Staff, UCSB NanoFabrication Facility, Santa Barbara

Recommended Equipment

  • FINEPLACER® lambda
  • FINEPLACER® pico ma

For R&D applications, our FINEPLACER® lambda or FINEPLACER® pico ma systems offer the best flexible solutions for diverse project environments.

FINEPLACER® lambda - a versatile, sub-micron placement die bonder offering the highest process and application flexibility.

FINEPLACER® pico ma - our most cost effective bonder designed for prototyping, low-volume production and R&D.