The new MiniOven 05 is a compact and versatile IR reflow oven suitable for a wide range of SMD components. The device provides enhanced functionalities like integrated air circulation, nitrogen support, and an intuitive 4-button operating interface. The optimized gas distribution enables even heating of electronic components from all sides. In combination with nitrogen, undesirable oxidation processes are reduced. The benefits: optimal wetting behavior of lead-free solder, increasing surface tension and significantly improved long-term stability.

The MiniOven 05 supports the complete temperature cycle of grid arrays (i.e. BGA/CSP) and QFN/MLF components.

Process parameters of new components can be determined very conveniently. An additional external temperature sensor supports the teach-in of new temperature profiles and assists in finding opimal profile parameters required to reach a specified component temperature. Highly reliable processes are also ensured by adjustable soak time, target temperature, offset, and damping.

Up to 25 heating profiles can be stored inside the device. The free EASYBEAM V2 PC software enables the representation of temperature developments. Via USB connection, created profiles can be easily backed up to and downloaded from external storages.

  • MiniOven 05


  • Compact tabletop device
  • Integrated nitrogen support
  • Cost-efficient solution for BGA reballing and QFN printing
  • Optimal heat distribution similar to a reflow oven for reproducible results
  • Intuitive 4-button operating interface
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Wide selection of accessories

* depending on configuration

The MiniOven 05 is the ideal enhancement for all FINEPLACER® rework systems. Designed as tabletop device, the process stage of component preparation can be carried out independently. This makes the MiniOven 05 a great alternative or supplement to the FINEPLACER® BGA Reballing Module.

Technical Specifications

Component size (min.)15 mm x 15 mm
Component size (max.)55 mm x 55 mm x 4 mm
Heated area105 mm x 130 mm
Power (max.)500 W, 4 IR lamps
Temperature ramp rateLimited to 3.5 K/s
Process gas supplyyes
Temperature sensors1 intern (stationary), 1 extern (free)
Number of programs (max.)25
Dimension outside150 mm x 300 mm x 85 mm

*Technical data are standard values (other values on request). Specifications given are subject to change without notice and may not be used as a basis for a binding offer or quotation.