Rework of BGA / CSP

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BGA Rework has become synonymous for SMT Rework in general. Many users’ needs focus around BGA/CSP/Flip Chip, so information found here provides a general background, applicable not only to array packages, but also to the broader SMT Rework market. Large sphere arrays (BGA), and small fine pitch arrays (CSP) demand configurations that combine precise thermal management and high resolution optics, to ensure a void-free rework process and accurate alignment.

  • De-soldered BGA component
    De-soldered BGA component
  • BGA components on a large server board
    BGA components on a large server board

BGA Rework - the challenges

  • one system for the complete rework cycle - from component removal to re-soldering?
  • Large arrays (20-65 mm) need large optical field of view, whereas smaller fine pitch CSP's (0,8-20 mm) need high magnification (both require good resolution)
  • Solder removal of irregular shaped residual
  • Need to remove the BGA, but leave the neighboring devices undisturbed?!
  • Want instant profiling?
  • Multilayer board sizes from USB stick (12x40 mm) to server board (500x465 mm)?

The Finetech Solution

Steps of BGA Rework Process

  • Desoldering Component
    Desoldering Component
  • Soldering new Component
    Soldering new Component
  • Residual Solder Removal
    Residual Solder Removal
  • Applying new Solder Paste
    Applying new Solder Paste

Finetech provides a single platform that can perform the complete rework cycle:

Controlled Mixed Soldering System

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  • Controlled Mixed Soldering System

Finetech’s unique thermal management concept uses “cold” air or gas (typically nitrogen) introduced into the hot-gas stream in a mixing chamber. The chamber location is just before the air passes through the nozzle onto the component. This gas mixture results in a highly responsive system - reducing over and under-shoot to barely perceptible levels. Tracking of the pre-set temperature is optimized and when combined with mass-flow-control of gas volumes (up to 70L/min), produces an effective heat delivery system. Heater lifetime is also increased and system-to-system reproducibility is greatly enhanced (±2ºC).

Process Camera for In-situ Process Observation

  • View of process cam
    View of process cam

It can be used for observation of the reflow process or for taking pictures/videos for documentation purposes.

Split Field Optics and Zoom Magnification

  • Split Field Optic
    Split Field Optic

The Split Field Optics Video Imaging System enables diametrically opposite corners of a large component, and its corresponding pad area on the substrate, to be viewed under high magnification.

Integrated Process Management (IPM)

  • Integrated Process Management (IPM)
  • Principle of process gas integration
  • Operating software for rework

The Integrated Process Management (IPM) is the center piece of a FINEPLACER® system1 - the place where it all comes together. IPM is more than just thermal management. It synchronizes the control of all process modules and their related parameters:

  • Controlled and precisely balanced interaction of top and bottom (pre-)heating and cooling
  • Control of temperature, time, force, power, energy, flow
  • Process-integrated camera and light control
  • Controlled process gas integration for reduced solder contamination, minimized surface tension effects and smooth spherical solder residues

 IPM is very complex, yet easy to access. Via the GUI of the operating software, the user has perfect control of all required adjustments. Just drag 'n drop to define temperature ramps or activate process modules. All settings are represented in only one profile, making for a very intuitive work flow.
The operating software provides an ever-growing library of profiles for all kinds of processes. It also offers comprehensive data logging functions essential for statistical process control.

In combination with the system-to-system process transfer capability this is as easy as process development can get.

1 FINEPLACER® core offers co-ordinated top and bottom heating but does not support IPM

Recommended Rework Systems

  • FINEPLACER® coreplus
    Rework of medium-sized boards
  • FINEPLACER® pico rs
    High density rework station

Amongst other factors, the recommended system mainly depends on size and pitch of your component and the required process flexiblity.

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