Apply Solder Paste

When dealing with rework, it is often necessary to apply new solder paste on the PCB pads. Finetech offers various equipment solution to integrate the suitable solder application method into the rework cycle.

  • Paste dispensing
    Paste dispensing

What are the Challenges?

  • Find the optimal solder application method according to paste material and component specifications
  • Seamless integration into the rework cycle
  • Rework system should provide required flexibility

The Finetech Solution

Stencil Printing

  • Solder paste printing head
    Solder paste printing head

Normal screen or stencil printing is next to impossible because the area around the repair site is restricted. To overcome this problem, Finetech offers a printing head for local and precise paste dispensing. The printing head is inserted into the reflow arm of a FINEPLACER® system like a soldering head.

The procedure can be done quickly by moving the FINEPLACER® system’s table: similar to placing components, the pictures of the stencil holes and PCB pads are brought into alignment. After this, the reflow arm can be lowered, and the solder paste printed with a manual squeegee.

Direct Component Printing

  • Direct component printing
    Direct component printing

The Direct Component Printing Module (DCP Module) ensures a simple, “All in One“ method for reworking QFN and MLF components. It is ideal for tight pitch QFN's, printing onto the component without disturbing the solder paste. When integrated into a FINEPLACER® rework system, this module provides the one process step needed to create a reproducible, sequential solution.

The component contact pads are precisely aligned to the stencil and fresh solder paste applied directly to the component. The component is then transferred to the reflow arm and aligned to the substrate using the vision alignment system, accurate enough for even the smallest pitches.

Solder Paste Dispensing

  • Solder paste dispensing
    Solder paste dispensing

Finetech offers both Side and Top Dispenser Modules.

The Side Dispenser Module provides the ability to precisely apply viscous media in controlled doses. The module can be used independently from the alignment system. Application of conductive glue is possible, after the chip has been optically aligned and without the need to shift the substrate. Dispensing of the viscous medium can be viewed using the optics of the alignment system. Since the alignment of the component is completed before dispensing, placement and bonding can be very accurate. The application of media after placement, e.g. for underfill, is also possible.

The Top Dispenser Module is capable of dispensing glue or solder paste onto the working plane of the FINEPLACER®. The metering valve is a single-screw-extruder, the material to be dispensed is fed in typical dispenser cartridges and is administered by dispenser needles. Dispenser movements are realized by two computer-controlled pneumatic cylinders. Results can be observed through the main optic or, if present, a side camera.

Integrated Process Management (IPM)

  • Integrated Process Management (IPM)
  • Principle of process gas integration
  • Operating software for rework

The Integrated Process Management (IPM) is the center piece of a FINEPLACER® system1 - the place where it all comes together. IPM is more than just thermal management. It synchronizes the control of all process modules and their related parameters:

  • Controlled and precisely balanced interaction of top and bottom (pre-)heating and cooling
  • Control of temperature, time, force, power, energy, flow
  • Process-integrated camera and light control
  • Controlled process gas integration for reduced solder contamination, minimized surface tension effects and smooth spherical solder residues

 IPM is very complex, yet easy to access. Via the GUI of the operating software, the user has perfect control of all required adjustments. Just drag 'n drop to define temperature ramps or activate process modules. All settings are represented in only one profile, making for a very intuitive work flow.
The operating software provides an ever-growing library of profiles for all kinds of processes. It also offers comprehensive data logging functions essential for statistical process control.

In combination with the system-to-system process transfer capability this is as easy as process development can get.

1 FINEPLACER® core offers co-ordinated top and bottom heating but does not support IPM

Recommended Rework Systems

  • FINEPLACER® coreplus
    Rework of medium-sized boards
  • FINEPLACER® pico rs
    High density rework station

Amongst other factors, the recommended system mainly depends on size and pitch of your component and the required process flexiblity.

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