The latest generation of Clever Dispense is a professional dispensing device designed for high-accuracy applications. Based on a volumetric operating system with programmable dispensing pressure, temperature control and snuff-back, Clever Dispense offers highest process stability and ease of use.

With a proven and unique dispensing algorithm, along with high speed valves, Clever Dispense is capable of reliably and reproducibly applying smallest dots and lines of paste, flux or 2K-type media over a large viscosity range. To reduce the viscosity and for particularly stable processes, both cartridge and dispensing nozzle can be temperature-controlled. Changes in viscosity, due to temperature fluctuation or progression of time, can be compensated in real time.

All parameter settings for each application can be intuitively created, tested and managed directly at the workplace. There is also a wide range of pre-set dispensing recipes for materials with different viscosity grades which makes the programming of new settings quick and easy.

Clever Dispense systems can be controlled externally to allow integration in pick & place, rework or micro assembly machines. When integrated in a FINEPLACER®, the operating system's software interface provides a direct gateway to open, edit and store any recipe directly with a process profile.

Stand-alone version

For manual dispensing tasks in lab or production, Clever Dispense is also available as a stand-alone table top device with temperature-insulated dispensing pen. Due to an integrated temperature sensor, the medium's volume is automatically adaptated depending on temperature and viscosity. Dispensing pens are available for all standard cartridge sizes from 3 to 30 ccm.

The device includes the dispensing software Clever Dispense Pro. A comprehensive material library allows the particularly quick and convenient creation of dispensing recipes.

  • Clever Dispense


  • High-precision dispensing of dots and lines
  • Dispenses smallest volumes for highly-demanding processes
  • Suitable for dispense media with low to high viscosity (alcohols to silicones)
  • Maximum process control and volumetric repeatability provided via advanced closed-loop temperature and pressure feedback
  • Automatic fill level compensation
  • Electronically controlled snuff-back
  • Automatic pressure adjustment for 2K-type media
  • Low follow-up costs due to off-the-shelf cartridge types
  • Designed with ease of use in mind

* depending on configuration

The range of dispense applications is very diverse and can be found in R&D lab settings as well as in production. Clever Dispense systems are widely known in the semiconductor and electronics industry for their superior performance in dispensing of glue, solder paste, flux or underfill.

*Technical data are standard values (other values on request). Specifications given are subject to change without notice and may not be used as a basis for a binding offer or quotation.