FINEPLACER® Rework Systems - Overview

FINEPLACER ® rework systems provide solutions for all types of advanced rework applications - BGA, 01005, stacked die, PoP, QFN, flip chip, RF shields, underfill, small passives, reballing, and more.

The complete rework cycle can be accommodated:  component removal, residual solder removal, site dressing, complement placement, and BGA reballing.

FINEPLACER® coreplus
Industry-leading, cost-effective rework

  • Proven rework technology where process repeatiblity is crucial
  • The latest hot air rework system by Finetech

High density rework station

  • Rework in high density environments

FINEPLACER® matrix rs
Future in Advanced Rework

  • Smallest pitch, most complex integration, largest array device capable