// Can You See Me Now? It’s Demo Time

One result of COVID-19 is that most of us have become more accustomed to seeing ourselves on video… for some of us MUCH more.  Honestly, it’s not something that I particularly enjoy.  I don’t mind doing it, I just don’t like watching myself.  I suspect many of you share this sentiment.

But our sales team, application engineers and product managers have also become much less camera shy. With trade shows being cancelled and tight travel restrictions, our staff is hosting more virtual demonstrations, video-taped sample bonding, and even remote factory acceptances for a purchased machine. We can deliver a range of virtual experiences, from live machine introductions to in-depth evaluations using customer parts.

In both of our US based demonstration labs (New Hampshire and Arizona), we have become virtual production studios.  A similar change has occurred in our Berlin, Germany headquarters.

We have been helped by the expertise of our marketing team who knows this  digital media best.  I believe we have been successful in creating a good replica of the important in-person visit to an equipment supplier to see the capability of a system and the people who will support it.

We have even produced virtual factory tours for those who don’t know Finetech.  They can really benefit by seeing just how modern our production areas and dedicated application labs are, as well as the large, knowledgeable staff behind all this.

Our offices are open and as long as local guidelines are followed, we are having visitors to our facilities.  But not everyone who wants to can come to us.  So now we have a convenient way to connect with them virtually.

All of us here at Finetech miss our in-person interactions, but we are inspired to add the new tag line to our emails:

Your Sales Contact Thomas Müller

Finetech GmbH & Co. KG
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