// Perseverance through COVID-19

Perseverance is a good noun to use when speaking about 2020 thus far.  This word aptly applies to Finetech’ s dedicated employees, but really the world in general.  Extraordinary sacrifices have been made for the greater good.  It is not over yet, surely mistakes have been made and there are lessons to be learned.  However, the vast majority of our citizens have done what is thought to be the “right thing.”

Our Finetech world-wide offices have endured the regional shutdowns in China, Malaysia, Japan, Europe and the US.  But our essential business status was taken very seriously.   Each site has been sharing weekly updates including video clips of daily life in their region.  In the states, our demonstration labs were offered as a service option to customers who were experiencing production slowdowns due to reduced staff or other restrictions.  General travel restrictions increased the need for virtual demonstrations and trial bonding by video.

Our technical specialists have been supporting existing users through numerous remote methods.  Some TeamViewer, Skype, Zoom or WebEx sessions may have extra background noise from children or dogs barking, but ultimately the job is still getting done. In typical Finetech fashion, many of these calls  take place no matter the time of day.

Our sales and administration groups have continued to keep our business running smoothly.  I am happy that during this unprecedented event, we have kept our factory quite active with new systems to build and ship.

As many states start the process of a slow re-opening, we all look forward to getting “back on the road” in a safe manner.  We thrive on seeing our customers in-person.  Learning your business and advising on process and applications are part of Finetech’s DNA.  

No one knows how the infection rates will trend in the coming months.  We all hope for a return toward some version of normalcy, and of course for kids to be back in school…someday...

Here’s to perseverance, health, and optimism for the future!

05/18/2020, created by: Neil O'Brien, General Manager Finetech USA
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