Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics industry is constantly finding new ways to engage with users. Today, many products with connectivity features merge with the computer industry – a trend called consumerization of information technology, resulting in changing consumer preferences and lifestyles.

The Internet of Things sets high requirements for smart devices, and our daily activities will become more and more data driven. Along with the existing appliances, new consumer electronics are emerging, increasing the need for extensive R&D and continuous production.

Customer application examples:

  • Virtual Reality display services
  • Wearable sensors and actuators
  • Embedded projectors
  • microLED flat panel displays
FINEPLACER core plus, hot air SMD rework system, rework LED displays, small PCBs, mini-LED arrays, residual solder removal, SMD LED component soldering
Bright Examples of True Precision
How an Asian display manufacturer successfully improved its yield up to 100% in production of small SMD LED carrier boards in shortest times
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