Due to immense technological progress, humanity is standing on the brink of an energy-efficient economy age. Semiconductor-enabled technologies discover new productivity potential in the energy industry, allowing for billions in savings for businesses and consumers and the prevention of emissions in the electric utility industry.

Semiconductors not only stand behind “smart” energy solutions – they can be found anywhere from motors and heating systems to mechanical power sources to telecommunications equipment, and the networks operating them.

Wind turbines and solar panels, temperature sensors, microcontrollers and microprocessors, power management chips, battery storage units and even hybrid cars – all are enabled by modern semiconductors. Microelectronics applications in the energy industry require certain manufacturing processes that can tackle pressure, high temperatures and corrosive chemicals.  This is why bond reliability is so important.

Customer applications examples:

  • Power and battery management devices
  • Solar concentrator cells
  • High current switches and routers
FINEPLACER core plus, hot air SMD rework system, flexible rework, production of electronictions, semiconductor, small components
The Core of Highly Flexible Rework
Siemens AG in Fürth, Germany, successfully uses the hot air rework system FINEPLACER® core plus for rework tasks in the production of electronics for industrial applications.
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